7.10 - Staff Professional Development

The Royal Oak Public Library recognizes the importance of staff growth and development and encourages their participation in professional development activities.

All staff will continue to develop themselves professionally. To this end, they are required to have at least three (3) hours of staff development annually. This may include online classes, workshops, in-service training, conferences, or other appropriate training that is aligned with the library’s strategic plan and focused on improving library related skills and services as approved by the library director.

Periodically, department meetings will be scheduled for training purposes and to update staff on library procedures and policies. In addition, the library may choose to offer an annual staff development day for employees that is organized around current library needs.

A budget will be established at the beginning of each fiscal year to support staff development activities. Department heads will submit recommendations for certified staff development opportunities to the library director during the budget process. Those that are approved by the library director will be incorporated into the general budget with the consent of the library board.

Certified staff who attend conferences or training will be expected to share information gained with other department members and/or the library director.

Expense guidelines and reimbursement procedures will be established by the library director according to library and City of Royal Oak policies and collective bargaining agreements.

Adopted 01/22/19; revised 12/13/22.