5.20 - Reference Service

  1. Reference Services encompasses reference and reader’s advisory service.
  2. The source of information will always be cited. Sources are quoted verbatim, with no interpretation on the librarian’s part, especially for medical, financial, legal or tax questions.
  3. Time spent by librarians on a question may vary depending on the pace of activity in the reference area, the number of available staff and the resources readily available. Librarians will respond to requests as soon as possible, with questions being answered within two working days unless specific arrangements are made with the patron.
  4. Librarians will assist patrons with their research needs but cannot conduct extensive research projects, do students’ homework or create documents for patrons.
  5. Referrals to other agencies may be made when appropriate.
  6. Librarians will assist patrons in placing holds and interloan requests.
  7. Patron’s identification will be held at the reference desk for materials held at the reference desk, the ready reference shelves behind the reference desk, materials brought from storage, and to gain access to the Local History Room.
  8. In telephone or email inquiries, only the information for the given address will be checked and verified in Bresser’s Cross Index Directory. No information for nearby addresses will be given. 
  9. All transactions will remain confidential. Librarians respect and safeguard all patrons’ privacy and identity.

Approved 08/22/00; rev. 05/25/04; rev. 05/23/06; rev. 09/22/09; reviewed 09/28/10; reaffirmed 12/6/11; revised 09/27/16; revised 08/23/22.