5.30 - Association with Other Libraries

The Royal Oak Public Library Board concludes that in order to serve the people of Royal Oak, arrangements may be necessary to allow them to use as wide a range of neighboring libraries as possible. Accordingly, agreements have been reached and shall be pursued with appropriate library systems.

TLN Cooperative Member Libraries
Registered patrons of TLN libraries that are shared automation system participants have full borrowing privileges by means of the TLN shared system and TLN delivery system, as well as use of the computer lab. Walk-in TLN library patrons may borrow new materials generally reserved for residents of Royal Oak. All TLN patrons must show a valid home library card.

Troy Public Library
Registered patrons of Troy Public Library may borrow books and media. They may use the computer lab. All Troy Public Library patrons must show their valid home library card. For a Troy Public Library patron to register at  the Royal Oak Public Library (ROPL), their valid home library card barcode must be entered in the ROPL system.

MILibraryCard patrons (designated by stickers on their home library cards) may borrow print books only from Royal Oak Public Library, and are limited to ten (10) items. They may use the computer lab with a visitor pass. They may not borrow from other libraries via the shared system. ROPL registered patrons will be provided a MILibraryCard sticker for their library card on request for use at other MILibraryCard libraries.

MeLCat Visiting Patron
Visiting Patron, also known as Reciprocal Borrowing, is an optional service provided by MeLCat to give patrons of participating libraries the option to get immediate access to the materials they need. Patrons may go directly to another library that also participates in this service and check out available and eligible materials in person, using their home library card, without the need to place the request via MeLCat and wait for the materials to be delivered to their home libraries for pickup.Once an item is checked out via Visiting Patron Checkout, it is exactly like a traditional MeLCat request.  Items checked out via Visiting Patron will count towards a patron's MeLCat 50-request limit.

Adopted 03/27/01; revised 07/27/04; 08/22/06; revision for review 9/22/09; revised 12/06/11; revised 12/03/13; revised 9/27/16 revised 09/27/22; revised 06/27/23.