5.11 - Registration

A. Royal Oak Public Library cards are issued without discrimination to Royal Oak residents and to residents of communities that contract with Royal Oak for library services. Royal Oak Public Library cards are issued to individuals and are non-transferable.

B. Requirements for a Royal Oak Public Library card are:

a. Official identification showing patron’s name and permanent address. The following will be accepted: (These documents need to be shown as proof of residency, but the library does not retain or make copies of these documents.)

i. Michigan driver’s license or State of Michigan ID card with current residential address. (Post Office boxes are not accepted as valid addresses.) or
ii. Picture ID with proof of residency shown by two of the following items: utility bill; copy of lease or mortgage; copy of property tax statement; rent receipt showing address; car registration.  (At least one of these items must be dated within the past 12 months.)
b. Patrons under 18 years of age who are not emancipated minors must have the signature of a parent or guardian on their application cards in order to be issued a card. If parent or guardian is not a current ROPL library card holder, parent or guardian must show the same proofs of residency as required above.

C. Refusal
The Royal Oak Public Library reserves the right to refuse a card to a patron for failure to meet the above requirements.

D. Company/School Library Cards
The library will issue cards to employees of companies or schools that are resident in the city of Royal Oak. In addition to personal identification as outlined above, the employee (or business owner) must present proof (signed by the business owner or school administration) that they are working within the city boundaries. Registration must be renewed annually. The registered user is personally responsible for materials borrowed on this card or for other uses of this card.

E. Teachers working in K-12 schools located in the City of Royal Oak will be issued cards allowing 9-week borrowing privileges for print materials that are to be used for their curriculum needs. Non-resident teachers register as above. "Express Reads” restricted loan materials are not available under this policy.

F. Students enrolled in Royal Oak schools who live outside of Royal Oak are encouraged to obtain library cards from their home library and use reciprocal borrowing privileges between their home library and ROPL. If they are unable to obtain a card from their home library, ROPL will issue a temporary card valid through August 31 of the school year. Parent or guardian’s signature as outlined in B. 2. is required. (In the instance of class visits, a completed registration form is required in order to issue a card to students.)
G. Non-Resident Fees
The fee for a non-resident library card is $100 per person for one year. Non-resident cards are non-transferable and allow borrowing privileges, computer, and database usage of Royal Oak Public Library materials, but do not guarantee access to other libraries in The Library Network. They do not include MelCat interloan privileges.
See also Policy 5.30 for reciprocal borrowing arrangements.

Adopted 02/22/00; rev. 3/23/04; 1/23/07; 2/27/07; rev. 8/26/08; revised 8/24/2010; revised 2/22/2011; reaffirmed 7/22/2014; revised 8/23/2016; revised 9/25/2018.