East 11 Mile Road Public Art Program


The Royal Oak Commission for the Arts (ROCFA) officially selected the winners of the 11 Mile Public Art Project from nearly 60 applications. Artworks by Richard Bennett of Detroit, Mark Beltchenko of Grosse Pointe Park, Mathew Zacharais of Ann Arbor, Emilie Beadle of Romulus and Gary Kulak of Birmingham were chosen.

Community Development Block Grant Funding

ROCFA budgeted up to $40,000 of community development block grant (CDBG) funding for the purchase and installation of artwork to be permanently displayed along East 11 Mile Road from Troy Street to Campbell Road. CDBG funding is a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development program that provides communities with resources to implement unique community development needs.

Locations of Art

  • ‘Pella-Dar’ by Richard  Bennett to be located at 1006 E. 11 Mile Road
  • ‘X’s and O’s’ I by Mark Beltchenko to be located at 1528 E. 11 Mile Road
  • ‘Red Chakra’ by Gary Kulak to be located at 1207 E. 11 Mile Road
  • ‘Colorful Abstract Beach Sunrise’ by Emilie Beadle to be located at 825 E. 11 Mile Road

A fifth installation was installed on East Fourth Street near Grant Park:

  • ‘Flipbook, Volume IV’ by Matthew Zacharais

Zacharais’ ‘Flipbook,’ which consists of multiple weatherproof digital prints, was moved to Fourth Street after city officials had difficulty finding a suitable space for the series on 11 Mile Road.

In addition to this project, ROCFA has authority over the temporary display of public art in downtown Royal Oak known as Art Explored. 

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