Commission for the Arts

Commission for the Arts Members:

Jason Gittinger, chair 

Jodie Ellison, vice-chair

Patricia Paruch, city commission representative

Alesha Beistline

Denise Reske

Melissa Behring

Laura Bonnell

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Public Display of Art

The City of Royal Oak recognizes the importance of arts and culture to a vibrant, healthy, and sustainable community.  The city strives to promote and encourage arts and culture through the public and private display of art.

Establishing Guidelines

This policy establishes guidelines and procedures for the review, selection, acceptance, donation, placement, deaccession, maintenance, and safe display of temporary or permanent public art on, in, or a part of Royal Oak assets, property, and rights-of-way to provide for the opportunity for the increased, sustained, safe, and appropriate display of public art within the City of Royal Oak.

The City of Royal Oak has developed this policy in compliance with City Code of Ordinances Chapter 36, “Commission for the Arts”.

This policy is intended to operate in conjunction with the established City of Royal Oak Code of Ordinances, and does not supersede or replace any ordinance in the City Code.