Artist Laureate

Royal Oak Artist Laureate

The Commission for the Arts will be taking applications for the Artist Laureate program in early 2022.

What's a Laureate? 

A laureate is an individual who is recognized for distinction and achievements within a their field. This recognition comes in the form of an official appointment by a government body, in this case the City of Royal Oak!

The Royal Oak Artist Laureate program is designed to acknowledge and recognize the work and contributions for a local artist.The selected artist will receive funding to complete a public art project and will also receive a year's commitment for exposure and community support for the work they do. In turn, the artist will be expected to represent the creative community at community events and complete a public art project. 

Who can be the Royal Oak Artist Laureate

Artists of all disciplines (poetry, visual art, songwriting, performance art, metal working, and so many others) are encouraged to apply. To qualify, the artist must be a Royal Oak resident. 

What benefits does the Royal Oak Artist Laureate receive?

Apart from the public recognition, the Royal Oak Artist Laureate will receive $5,000 in funding for a public art project. 

How do I apply?

To apply, artists must fill out the following form:

Past Artist Laureate(s)

  • 2019-2020: Laurie Eisenhardt and Marcia Hovland created the  Royal Oak Roots Mural, which is Located on the first floor of City Hall.