Nature Walks

There is normally at least one naturalist lead walk per month with additional ones added during the spring wildflower and fall color seasons.  An emphasis is put on understanding the different forest types found in our parks. Further information is given on individual plant and animal species, geology, and human history of the area.  There is no cost or registration for our public nature walks.


2023/24 Nature Walks


There will be a Nature Society "Mammals of Tenhave” walk being held at Tenhave Woods on Sunday, December 3rdbeginning at 2:00 pm.  Come and learn about the mammals that live in Tenhave Woods.   We will look for signs of these mammals and have skulls and skins with us to help describe them and how they live.  There is no cost & registration is not required.  Park at Lexington/Marais parking lot & meet at the Lexington entrance.  

There will be Winter Tree Identification nature walk at Cummingston Park on Sunday, January 14, 2024, beginning at 2:00 pm.  The trees will be identified by looking at buds, bark & twigs.  There is no cost & registration is not required.  Park & meet at Torquay & Leafdale. 



  • For Cummingston Walks, Park Programs & Owl Hoots, park (on the street) & meet at the Torquay & Leafdale intersection (just east of Meijer) 
  • For Tenhave Woods Walks & Park Programs, park at the Marais/Lexington lot (just east of the High School) and walk about 300’ east to the entrance.   For Owl Hoots, park & meet at the Marais/Lexington lot.
  • For the Royal Oak Arboretum, park & meet at the Royal Oak Senior Center (3500 Marais) at the north end of the lot.

For park location maps, please see following link:

FYI: Wearing boots while in the parks is recommended during the winter and spring months.  Dressing appropriately for bugs and using insect repellant is advised from late spring through the end of summer.  Dogs are not allowed inside either Tenhave Woods or Cummingston Park.