Farm Fresh Produce

Farmers Market

The Bounty of Michigan's Seasons

Michigan is blessed with a great abundance and variety of growing things, many of which are available, in season, at the Royal Oak Farmers Market. This page allows you to view a comprehensive list of fruits, vegetables and other farm products sold at the Market, read a series of essays highlighting what's sold season by season, learn about produce that's newly arrived, or visit a list of Internet sites related to activities at the Market.

Know Your Grower

One of the best things about any farmers market is that you can ask the one who grew your purchase how it was grown and when it was picked. The overuse of pesticides has become a major cause of concern for imported produce, and those visiting the Royal Oak Farmers Market will find farmers willing to discuss these matters. Some use no sprays at all, and some offer only Certified Organic produce and dried beans. One thing the long-time Farmers Market shopper will know is that each season and each year is different - a long, cool spring is great for apples but means a poor strawberry crop. Our selection is always changing and always fresh.

Availability Guide

View our produce availability guide (PDF).