Other Goods

Herbs (March - October)

The art of great cookery requires, demands, fresh herbs. Among the first growing items to appear in the Spring at the Farmers Market are just-sprouted annual and perennial herbs, started in the greenhouse and destined for your kitchen garden or window box. For those who choose not to grow their own, a number of herbs are raised to perfection and sold fresh-harvested throughout the summer season. Our main vendor is George Uhlianuk, but other farmers also can fill your need for basil, cilantro, dill weed, garlic and parsley. Bon appetit!

Bedding Plants (May - July)

The Royal Oak Farmers Market is a major stop for those planning their summer garden. Here you will find fresh greenhouse and nursery stock for your border and flower bed needs.

Potted Plants & Hanging Baskets (Year Round)

Just what you will find depends on the season; in the spring it's geraniums and in the fall it's immense pots of hardy Mums, but Farmers Market vendors have something for your flower needs all year round.

Cut, Potted, and Dried Flowers (March - December)

Organic Herb Teas & Soaps

New to Saturdays this year are the dried herbs, teas and soaps of Heather and Bob Rosencrantz. Their farm in in Mayville, MI.

Certified Organic Dried Beans & Cereals (Year Round)

Randy and Shirley Hampshire travel down from Tuscola County each Saturday to sell his dried beans and flours, along with her home-baked breads made from grain milled in Randy's own mill.

Eggs (Year Round)

On Saturdays you will find several vendors who offer farm-fresh eggs, from medium to jumbo, white and brown. Most are laid by free-range chickens.

Honey (Year Round)

Modern agriculture could not exist without the honeybee those industrious pollinators of anything that flowers and fruits. The honey sold on the market comes from beekeepers who serve Michigan farmers' crop needs.

Baked Goods (Year Round)

The Farmers Market has several vendors of baked goods: On Saturday and Sunday Herman's Bakery brings in their large variety of breads, fruit breads, tarts, rolls and pies. Before holidays you can find ethnic specialties like Christmas stollen and Easter egg bread. On Saturdays, Shirley Hampshire of Hampshire Farms provides her brick-oven-baked Flemish Desem-style Yeast-Free breads, which have a dense, intense flavor. The breads are made with husband Randy's home-grown-and-ground certified organic flour, and include Whole Wheat (containing only Michigan hard red wheat flour, well water and salt), Sunflower Seed, Raisin Walnut and Wild Rye. Daughter Amy, contributes her muffins in Maple Nut, Carrot, Banana, Blueberry and Poppy Seed flavors. Sometimes the problem at the Farmers Market is not how much to buy, but when to stop!

Homemade Jams, Preserves & Jellies (July - Mid November)

Preserving is a traditional farm craft, and several of our farmers offers jams, jellies and preserves made from fruit grown by the vendor. If you don't choose to make your own, this is an excellent way to sample the best Michigan has to offer!

Fresh Apple Cider (September - March)

There's an art to making apple cider. Each vendor will have his own recipe, one which will change as the apples available change--tart in early fall to sweet in late winter. Real cider is cloudy, not clear, and since it has not been pasteurized should be kept under refrigeration. Hot, mulled cider is a treat on a cold winter day.

Holiday Decorations

Produced by farmers for hundreds of years from the fruits of their earth, decorated gourds and pumpkins, corn sheaves, dried floral centerpieces and miniature Christmas trees abound before their respective holidays.

Christmas Trees & Wreaths (Thanksgiving - Christmas)

This is one of the most popular seasonal categories at the Market. Those who choose to have an artificial Christmas tree still want that delicious natural fragrance, and there is no better way than adding a wreath or garland (produced by a number of vendors) to your home's decor. Premium-quality fresh-cut trees may cost a little more, but pay dividends in their great aroma and long needle-keeping qualities.