Master Plan

Long Range Policy

The Master Plan is a long range policy guide for the physical arrangement and appearance of the City of Royal Oak that provides general direction on the city's future development pattern. It is the city's official statement of policy regarding such issues as land use, community character, and transportation which impact the physical environment. As a policy guide, it must be sufficiently flexible to provide guidance for changing conditions and unanticipated events.

Policies & Actions

The Master Plan provides policies and actions for community leaders to consider in the future. Some of the plan's recommendations will be implemented through amendments to the Zoning Ordinance text and map. Formulating a Master Plan is the first step in providing a sound and legal basis for revising the Zoning Ordinance and other regulatory ordinances, investing in public capital improvements, and guiding private land use decisions.

Physical Plan

The revised and amended Master Plan is a physical plan. Although social and economic conditions are considered, the plan is a guide to the physical development of the community. The Master Plan provides a long-range viewpoint, depicting land use and community development within a time frame 20 years. It is comprehensive, covering the entire city and all the components that affect its physical makeup. 

Useful Documents

February 2023

The city is in the process of developing a new Master Plan. 
Information about the many ways you can be involved throughout the process is available at