FAQ (Residential Lockbox)

Royal Oak Fire Department’s residential lockbox program is designed to expedite access to adults in their own homes during medical or other emergencies. The lockbox program also reduces the likelihood of property damaged caused by first responders forcing entry into a home in response to an emergency call. In many emergency situations, an individual who calls 911 may not be able to open their door when firefighters arrive. This is especially true with senior citizens that suffer a fall, stroke or heart attack. In these instances, every second counts. Currently, firefighters must break through a door or a window, causing damage and costing money and valuable time.

The lockbox program is open to all Royal Oak residents who either live alone or are left alone on a regular basis and have a condition which may result in the need for immediate assistance due to being incapacitated or unconscious. This includes the elderly, physically handicapped or residents recovering from a major injury or surgery.

Frequently Asked Question’s

How is this program funded?

Operation of the program is funded by Royal Oak Fire Department. Residents are encouraged to purchase lock boxes from Frentz and Sons or directly from the supplier www.roperlock.com. Lock boxes on loan from the Fire Department may be available.

Is there a fee to participate?

No, administration of the program is a service of the Royal Oak Fire Department. No monitoring or maintenance fees are charged. Cost to the resident is the purchase of the lock box (Approximately $30).

How does the program work?

1. The eligible participant will contact the Royal Oak Fire Department and be provided with the “welcome package” explaining the operation of the program and including all necessary forms.

2. A time and date will be scheduled for installation of the lockbox, at which time a spare house key to the door being accessed will be made available by the resident.

3. The box will be installed by Fire Department personnel while still available for emergency calls. The Fire Department makes no guarantee of installation time or date, emergency calls always take precedence. The resident will be notified as soon as possible if the scheduled installation is cancelled due to an emergency.

4. The lockbox will only be used during an emergency call, and when responders can’t make entry without using force. At no other time will the lockbox be used or will entry be made without authorization.

5. The Fire Department will NOT respond to calls for accidental lock outs or any other access other than medical or fire related emergencies.

6. The Royal Oak Fire Department will be the sole agency with access to the lock box. No other agencies within the City of Royal Oak or any other Fire Departments will be granted access, for any cause.

7. Participation in this program does not guarantee the use of this device during an emergency. Rapid entry may take precedent during an emergency.

8. There is no cost to participate in the Lockbox Program, other than purchasing the lock box and the cost of a spare key. Included in the welcome package is a coupon for free duplication of one house key at Frentz and Sons Hardware.

9. A participant may withdraw from the Lockbox Program at any time by contacting the Fire Department. The lockbox will be removed from the residence and the key returned to the participant.