Residential Lockbox



The Royal Oak Fire Department is Proud to provide a Residential Lock Box Program open to any resident looking to reduce property damage and response time to emergency calls at their home.

A Residential Lock Box is a metal box secured to the door of your home accessible only by Royal Oak Fire Department Personnel using a master key. Once installed, a spare key to your home is secured in the box always available to responding firefighters and paramedics should you need help and be unable to unlock your door.

Lock boxes can be purchased at Frentz and Sons Hardware or directly from Roper Lock at (800) 466-9312. Inform them you are purchasing a lock box for the “Royal Oak Fire Department Residential Lock Box Program”. Boxes cost approximately $25 ($35 with shipping). After receiving your lock box and when a spare key is available contact the fire department at (248) 246-3816. A tentative appointment will be made for installation of your lock box.


All installations are performed by on duty personnel.  Should an emergency call interfere with your scheduled installation you will not receive any notice.  The crew assigned to your installation will contact you as soon as possible after the emergency is resolved.  Thank you for understanding.