The City of Royal Oak Engineering Division issues various permits as outlined below.  Click on each permit type for more information.  The fee schedule, which includes permit fees, inspection rates and performance guarantee amounts is updated annually.

Permit applications can be delivered by hand, drop box or via email. The engineer will notify applicants as needed, if a physical copy of plans is required.

Types of Permits

Right of Way Permit

Any construction or blockage to the public right-of-way requires a permit to be obtained prior to work beginning. Examples include but are not limited to: new house construction, concrete sidewalk or approach installation, sewer or water repairs/service work in the right-of-way, over-sized load transports or scaffolding and other construction equipment blocking the sidewalk or street.

Parking Pull-Off Agreement

License agreements can be made with the city to allow for installation of a paved parking area in the right-of-way after an application is submitted and approved by the City Commission.  A Right of Way Permit is required prior to installation of an approved parking pull-off agreement.

Private Property Paving Permit

A Private Property Paving Permit is required to be obtained prior to making any installation, removal, repair or replacement of parking lot, sidewalk and any other pavement on private commercial properties.

Contaminated Sewage Discharge Permit

Prior to the discharge of any contaminated sewage into the Royal Oak Sewer System, a permit must be obtained.

Useful Documents

Permit Forms