Orson Starr House

Orson Starr House

Orson Starr and Family

During the 1820 and 1830s American settlers moved west, some migrating out of upstate New York seeking land to farm and raise their families and worship in accordance with their belief.  This westward migration began during this time period and spread to many places on the American frontier for several decades.  The early settlers that came to Royal Oak were part of this movement.  These farmers cleared land to build their homes and plant crops in the Michigan Territory.

Growth of the Farming Industry

As the railroad industry expanded, logging, milling and other industries began to develop. One of these farmers, from upstate New York, was Orson Starr, the township’s first well known manufacturer.   Mr. Starr and his family made their living by producing both bricks and cowbells.  The Starr cowbells are now sought after by collectors of antiques.

Orson House

In 1845, Mr. Starr built a wooden frame house two miles north of what is now downtown Royal Oak, just south of 13 Mile Road on Main Street.  This home was lived in by descendents of the Starr Family until the late 1970s when it was purchased by the City of Royal Oak.

Historic District

The Orson Starr House, located at 3123 N Main Street, is listed in Michigan’s State Register of Historic Sites and has been designated as an historic district. The Orson Starr House Historic District has also received the official project designation of "Save America’s Treasures," awarded by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.