Rules, Guidelines & Materials

Compost Rules & Guidelines

  • Compost piles must be contained in an enclosed bin. Please avoid using wood structures as wood is an attractive home for rodents. Sources for compost bins include:
    • Learn how to build your own wire-mesh holding unit.
    • Hardware stores such as Frentz, Home Depot and Lowes.
    • Retail stores such as Bordine’s, English Gardens, Smith and Hawkins and most lawn and garden centers.
  • Improper compost piles may be ordered to be removed if they cause odor, pest/rodent nuisances or are not in a proper bin. Following the guidelines below on how to build and maintain your pile will help to avoid this.
  • Please avoid composting certain food items. If not done properly composting food items can cause potential problems.

Materials to Compost

Leaves, sod, grass clippings, hay, straw, weeds that haven't gone to seed, chopped corn stalk or cobs, sawdust, shredded newspaper, wood ashes, hedge clippings, and many kinds of plant refuse from the garden.

Do Not Add to Compost

  • Certain food items, raw or cooked (to avoid pest and odor problems).
  • Charcoal ashes or briquettes.
  • Diseased plants.
  • Weeds gone to seed.