Tax Foreclosure Prevention

Five Ways to Prevent Property Tax Foreclosure

  1. If your property is your home, or principle residence, make certain that you have claimed a "Principle Residence Exemption" on your income tax.
  2. If you did not file an income tax return, you may be eligible for a Homestead Property Tax Credit from the State of Michigan.
  3. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you may claim a poverty exemption.
  4. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you may also claim a hardship extension, granting you more time to pay your back taxes without losing your property.
  5. Contact the Office of Oakland County Treasurer Andy Meisner or your local treasurer immediately if you are having trouble paying your property taxes.

Oakland County Resources That Can Help You

Human Services, Housing Counseling, Employment Training and General Assistance Contact Information:
  • Oakland County Department of Human Services
    Phone: 248-975-4800
  • Oakland County Housing Counseling Services
    Phone: 248-858-5402
  • Oakland County Veteran Services
    Phone: 248-858-0785
  • Lighthouse of Oakland County
    Phone: 248-920-2686
  • Oakland Livingston Human Services Agency
    Phone: 248-209-2686
  • Community Services of Oakland County
    Phone: 248-542-5860
  • Oakland County Foreclosure Prevention Initiative
    Phone: 248-858-0627
  • Oakland County Health Department
    Phone: 248-858-1280
  • United Way of Oakland County
    Phone: 211
  • JVS
    Phone: 248-559-5000
  • Community Housing Network, Inc.
    Phone: 248-928-0111, ext. 1380
  • Michigan Works!
    Employment Training
    Phone: 800-285-9675
  • Gleaners Food Bank
    Phone: 866-453-2637
  • Common Ground Sanctuary
    24-Hour Crisis Helpline
    Phone: 800-231-1127
    Domestic Violence 24-Hour Crisis Helpline
    Phone: 248-334-1274
  • CARE House
    Phone: 248-333-7173