Property Information

Request Property Information

All real property information is available at the City Assessor’s Office. Copies of record cards, valuation statements and plat maps for residential, commercial, and industrial properties can be purchased. Please make all inquiries regarding real property valuation to the City Assessor’s Office at 248-246-3110.

Tax Management Associates, Inc. (TMA)

Personal property information is available at the City Assessor’s Office but inquiries relating to personal property should be made to Tax Management Associates, Inc. (TMA). TMA is contracted to handle all personal property accounts in the City of Royal Oak. Please contact Al Consiglio for all personal property inquiries at 810-225-7605.

Access Oakland Program

Property and Tax information is available on-line through the "Access Oakland" program.

24 Hour Tax Hotline

Property tax information is now available free on the Oakland County 24 Hour Tax Hotline by dialing 248-858-0025 or toll free number 888-600-3773. To access tax information you will need to enter your 10-digit parcel ID number (beginning with either 20 or 25).

Digital Images

The State of Michigan features a system allowing access to digital images. Plats and other related documents of subdivisions can be accessed for free. If a property that you are researching does not have a lot size available, please visit the State of Michigan website and follow the directions.

Online Property Information Search

Assessing information is available online through

Residents can search by parcel number, property address, or comparable building attribute, in order to obtain general assessment, building appraisal and tax information 24 hours a day.