Pets in the Parks

Dogs with owner are welcome at City parks except for those parks with a sign posted "No Dogs Allowed. Dogs are not allowed at Memorial Park except when allowed by special event.

There are two important basic rules of responsible pet ownership. Please follow these two rules to ensure animal and public health, safety and welfare:

  • Please protect your dog from harm and respect your neighbors rights by leashing your dog. It is unlawful for pets to be on any public property without an adequate leash.
  • It is your responsibility to "pick up" after your dog and dispose of waste properly. Always carry a container, such as a plastic bag, pooper-scooper or mutt-mitt for litter and please dispose of waste properly at your home.
Our goal is to clean up the parks and make them a pleasant environment for dog owners as well as non-dog owners. Please spread the word about our "Clean Up" and "Leash On" campaign so a change can be made, and our parks can continue as a happy and safe place for all (R.O. City Ord. No. 93-9).