Can you install a Stop Sign to slow traffic on my street?

Stop signs are NOT used to improve speeding issues.  This is a clear directive in the Michigan Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MMUTCD) and is consistent throughout the country.

The placement of one or more stop signs to slow traffic will often have the opposite effect. Drivers will go faster between the signs to make up for “lost” time. In addition to speeding, the drivers will need to accelerate and decelerate for each sign.  Placing stop signs at unexpected locations can also create a higher likelihood of accidents.

The city will consider installation of stop signs for the following reasons:

  • Sight distance issues
  • Excessive traffic on one or both streets
  • High pedestrian volumes (over 100 pedestrian crossings per hour)
  • Proximity to a school

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1. Can you install a Stop Sign to slow traffic on my street?
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