Are there any anticipated privacy / filming issues related to the cameras and filming the public with everything they do?

The city only plans to use the cameras associated with recording and enforcing parking sessions.  Cameras associated with monitoring pedestrian traffic are a costly option that is not being considered.

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1. Why does Royal Oak need to replace its current meters?
2. Why do we need meters?
3. What are the major differences between the old meters and the new meters?
4. Will there be a meter at every parking space?
5. Will any existing parking rules, regulations and hours change with the installation of the new meters?
6. What forms of payment will the new meters accept?
7. Will the meters give me a receipt or paystub, and do I need to put it on my dashboard?
8. What does MPS and/or the city do to make sure users' credit cards are secure?
9. How does the Sentry Mobile app work?
10. The new meters look complex and high-tech. What if I am not very technologically savvy?
11. What if someone doesn’t speak English? How will they understand and operate the meters?
12. How will the meters be powered?
13. Is the system environmentally friendly?
14. I have heard the new meters can detect when a vehicle is in the space? Is that true?
15. Is this new technology reliable?
16. What happens if the meter I try to park at or try to pay is not working?
17. Where else is this technology in use?
18. Will the new meters automatically issue parking tickets?
19. What types of violations will the new system enforce?
20. What efforts will be taken to introduce this new technology to the public?
21. How can I possibly get a parking ticket when there was no officer present to see the violation?
22. What if I stop at a metered space just to drop someone off ? Or what if I stop in a space but then see a more convenient space. Will I get a ticket for that?
23. How long will it take for me to receive a ticket in the mail?
24. What if my ticket is lost in the mail or I never receive a ticket?
25. Don’t all parking tickets have to be placed on a vehicle’s windshield?
26. I have never heard of receiving a parking ticket in the mail. Is this a commonly accepted practice?
27. I wasn’t even driving the car when it got a parking ticket. Why do I receive a parking ticket even if I was not responsible for parking the car?
28. How do I appeal a parking ticket I receive in the mail?
29. If I want to appeal my ticket, how could I defend my position if I was not even aware of my parking violation at the time it happened and cannot collect evidence for my defense?
30. Will the new system scare away customers and visitors from Downtown Royal Oak ?
31. Will the new system result in more tickets than the old system?
32. How is this new system better for Royal Oak and worth the investment in new technology?
33. I am concerned about all the data being collected by the sidewalk monitors which goes far beyond the specifics of parking a car. Who owns the data? Who has access to it?
34. What is the investment needed to have ONE consistent system (surface, street, structure, etc...)? Right now we still have coin, card, mobile app, etc...
35. What has been the response from the businesses in the CBD RE: participating in validation/coupons, etc.?
36. Does the MPS application allow for RO branding?
37. Do you feel that the revenue of "half" of the parking fees will bring the revenue we typically expect?
38. Do you plan to add more street parking for seniors and those with mobility issues?
39. Why not create a graduated pricing structure, so the pricing in meters goes up the longer you stay in it?
40. What has the input of the other committees been? Planning commission, downtown development authority, environmental advisory board, etc.
41. Given we have no idea what the impact of COVID will be on our downtown and resulting parking usage, what are the terms of the contract?
42. Does the vendor expect a minimum amount?
43. If the vendor doesn’t renew the contract and given they will be replacing our meters, do they take the new parking meters or are we required to purchase them, or what?
44. Since the Chief only mentioned one person required for monitoring the ticketing, will this reduce headcount?
45. What is the projected net revenue impact of giving half of tickets and fees to this company?
46. Will parking rates need to be increased as a result of using this system?
47. Our parking structure revenue bonds state parking revenue must go to pay the bonds, not an outside company. Does this violate the terms of the agreement?
48. How easy would it be for someone, especially non-technical seniors, to use without ambassador training?
49. How confusing would it be if Royal Oak is the only one in the area using it? For instance, is Ferndale, Berkley, or Birmingham considering new or other systems?
50. If the goal is to get rid of all surface lot meters, what impact would that have on handicapped spots?
51. Would handicapped spaces still be free?
52. Will the fact that most people going to the new Henry Ford Health Care facility will not stay longer than two hours have an impact on revenue?
53. This doesn't address the problem of knowing where parking is available EASILY. A phone app has loading time. I've been in other cities with signs indicating available parking spaces.
54. I was hoping to see stuff about making pricing clear for people from the road so they know if they want to park there or search elsewhere.
55. These meters also look at rear license plate for their automatic feature, but how does that work with diagonal parking like on Washington? Will that become reverse in diagonal?
56. If the city doesn't have to maintain the meters or spots, does it need the ticket revenue? Isn't the intent is to punish the parking violators, not profit the city?
57. Are there any anticipated privacy / filming issues related to the cameras and filming the public with everything they do?
58. If I paid for 30 minutes with coin and leave after 18, will someone be able to use the 12 minutes or will that be disappeared?
59. Will this change mean surface lots will need to have turnstiles to exit?
60. The automatic ticketing if you exceed your time removes the spirit of the parking game. Robotically administered tickets will be despised, much like red light cameras or speed cameras.
61. I have a question not found on this list. How can I ask it?