Why does my water look cloudy and/or rusty?
There are a couple of conditions that could cause the water to appear cloudy and/or rusty. Whenever there is a large draw of water from the water main, such as broken water mains, hydrant flushing or Fire Department use, the mineral deposits that have accumulated within the interior of the water main get stirred up and become suspended particles, thus producing the discoloration in the water. This condition will not last.

Residents should run the cold water faucet closest to the meter (usually located in the basement) for 10 - 15 seconds. If the water is not clear, please wait 30 - 45 minutes and try again. Repeat this process until clear. Please do not run hot water or do any wash while water is discolored. If the water does not clear in a reasonable amount of time, contact the Department of Public Service at 248-246-3300.

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1. Why does my water look cloudy and/or rusty?
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