Sewer Projects

Sewer rehabilitation projects take place on various public sewers throughout the city as part of an ongoing sewer maintenance program to monitor and improve the conditions of pubic sewers. Projects include: sewer televising & root treatment, sewer lining and spot sewer repairs.

Most of the city’s sanitary, storm and combined sewers are located in the road right-of-way, allowing for easy maintenance access.  However, there are many “rear-yard” sanitary sewers throughout the city that are located within an easement, and require maintenance from time to time.  If the city requires access to your backyard to inspect or perform work on a sewer, you will be notified in advance by the city.  No one will need to enter your home.

Yearly Sewer Projects

  • Sewer Televising and Root Treatment
  • Sewer Lining
  • Spot Sewer Repairs

Sewer Televising

Sewer cleaning, televising and root treatment work is done to make sure Royal Oak sewers are functioning properly.  A door hanger notification will be provided to residents at least 24 hours in advance of sewer cleaning and televising work on a street.  The work is typically performed by a contractor. The contractor may have to carry equipment – such as hoses, ladders and cameras – onto properties where manholes are in the back or side yards. 

On rare occasions, toilets can gurgle and splash due to air movements in the lines during the sewer cleaning process. This indicates a property owner may have a maintenance problem of some sort, such as a plugged vent stack. Please be advised that the water is coming out of your toilet p-trap and is not coming from the main public sewer system. 

Cloudy Water:
Contractors are authorized to use city water directly out of fire hydrants as needed for sewer cleaning. Doing so can stir up the fine layer of harmless sediment on the bottom of clean drinkable water lines. This natural sediment may temporarily cause discoloration of running water. Allowing your water to settle for one to two hours with minimum use and then running it for one to two minutes should clear any discoloration. Discolored clean tap water is not contaminated with sewer water. 

A majority of residents will not experience any issues during the sewer maintenance program. For most streets, the work takes less than four days to complete.

Spot Sewer Repairs

Spot sewer repairs are performed to replace deteriorated and broken sewer pipes.  The work includes pavement removal, excavation, sewer repairs, back-filling and pavement/lawn restoration.  
Some repairs will be located along the back property line of residential properties where rear-yard sewers exist.  Property owners will be notified in advance if access is needed.

The City does not replace special landscaping, plantings or shrubs placed on city property or within public utility easements.  The city's restoration will consist of graded clean topsoil, seed and mulch; or topsoil and sod depending on the current landscape treatments.  Property owners should remove any plantings they wish to salvage and replant after the city’s construction is complete.
Fixing a sewer below a water main

Sewer Lining

Sewer Lining projects are performed to improve the public sewers in the city.  The sewers to be lined are first cleaned and then televised with a camera.  Afterward, the contractor will insert and expand a structural liner system within the pipe.  If your home is affected, you will receive a notice from the contractor stating the exact date the public sewer adjacent to your residence will be lined.  

The entire sewer lining process takes approximately 12 hours.  During the lining and curing operation, your private sewer tap into the public sewer will be temporarily closed when the new liner is installed.  During this 12 hour period, residents will be asked to minimize the use of the sewer system if possible (i.e., no laundry, dishwashing, or showers).  Failure to do so could cause sewer backups in your home.  Once the liner has cured, approximately 6 hours after installation, each private sewer lead will be opened to restore service to individual properties.

All work is to be performed internally within the sewer pipe with no excavation work.   The contractor uses manholes that are located in the public right-of-way and in easements adjacent to lot lines.  All equipment placed in easements will be removed by the contractor prior to the end of the day.  Temporary “No Parking” signs may be posted in advance along streets to allow the contractor access to manholes.

Useful Documents

Construction Notices

View copies of the construction notices that were mailed to property owners abutting the various construction projects.