ROOTS Foundation

Royal Oak Opportunity To Serve (ROOTS)

Committee name change per Ordinance Amendment approval by City Commission June 21, 2010.

Mission Statement

The mission is to encourage philanthropy, to strengthen the spirit of the community, and to enrich the quality of life in Royal Oak, now, and in the future.

Vision Statement

To foster, sustain and ensure a vibrant community in which all people have the opportunity to enhance the quality of their lives and the lives of others.

Meeting Dates

General meetings are open to the public and held at 7 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of each month at the Mahany/Meininger Community Center


The Royal Oak Animal Shelter, Farmers Market, Library, Nature Society, Recreation Department, and Senior Center all benefit from the generous donations of community supporters.

From Acorns Grew Mighty Oaks

Over the years have you ever utilized a service provided by the City of Royal Oak that you thought was so good that you would like your fellow citizens be able to benefit from it? Or have you ever felt that the helpfulness and kindness shown to you by our city employees was of such excellent quality that you would like to see others enjoy it for years to come?

Helen Williams did.

Helen was a retired teacher living in Royal Oak. She thought so much of the transportation service offered through the Royal Oak Senior Citizens Center that in her will she left $105,846 to the Foundation to keep our buses running.

As a teacher, Helen loved to read and was a frequent visitor to our Royal Oak Library. She enjoyed using the Library so much that she bequeathed another $105,846 to the Acorn Foundation to help the Library maintain the programs she valued.

Across Royal Oak many of your neighbors and friends feel passionately about services provided by our great city. Jim Domanski, Alex Shnaider and Buffy Toledo are just a few of the many.

Each of them has a passion for animals and our Royal Oak Animal Shelter. Knowing that the Shelter was on the chopping block, they went out and held fundraisers. The result is that tens of thousands of dollars has been gifted to help keep the Animal Shelter's doors open.

You, too, can help.

If you feel passionate about the services you receive or are provided by the City of Royal Oak, you can help perpetuate them by making a donation or gift to your cause or special interest. Contributions can be earmarked for a specific public purpose such as the Farmer's Market, the Historical Commission, the Nature Society or Parks and Recreation or you can leave the decision of how to best use your gift to the ROOTS community volunteers.

This can be done by check or by bequest in your will or trust agreement. You can even endow your gift so that it can be invested in a fund with the income generated being used for a specific program of service.
Winter 2017 Insight
Read about the ROOTS mini-grant to the Orson Starr House on page 31 of winter edition of Insight Magazine.