Learn About the Library Millage Proposal

Library Millage Proposal - August 2, 2022

Ballot Language

Shall the City of Royal Oak, Oakland County, Michigan, be authorized to levy a millage annually in an amount not to exceed 1.0 mill ($1.00 on each $1,000 of taxable value), of which .8837 mill is a renewal of the previously authorized millage that expires in 2022 and .1163 mill is new additional millage, against all taxable property within the City for a period of ten (10) years, 2023 to 2032 inclusive, for the purpose of operating, maintaining and equipping the Royal Oak Public Library and for all other library purposes authorized by law? The estimate of the revenue the City will collect in the first year of levy (2023) if the millage is approved is approximately $3,266,000. By law, revenue from the millage will be disbursed to the Royal Oak Public Library and a portion of the revenue from the millage may be subject to capture by the City of Royal Oak Brownfield Redevelopment Authority. Yes or No.

What the Ballot Language Means

20 years ago, the residents of Royal Oak voted to approve 1 mill of taxes to pay for the operations of the Royal Oak Public Library. Due to the Headlee Amendment, the mill levy that was approved is collected at less than 1 mill and is adjusted each year. The Library Millage Proposal is to renew the millage for 10 years and bring it back up to 1 mill. A renewal simply keeps the Library funding in place.

Pie Chart

Library Income 2003-2022

The mill levy is the Library's primary source of income, averaging 88.38% of the Library's total income since 2002. It pays for operating expenses, collections, equipment, and ongoing maintenance of the building, which opened in April 1962.

How the Funds Will Be Used

The millage will continue to fund the Library operations, as it is our main source of income. This includes:

  • Purchasing materials for the print and digital collections.
  • Maintenance and upkeep of the building and its systems, including concrete and railing repairs.
  • Replacing the roof - sustainable options will be explored.
  • Continuing access to databases.
  • Connecting with the community outside of the building, including outreach to older residents, continuing our Homebound Services, and connecting with local schools.
  • Paying for staffing.

Election Information

The Library Millage Proposal will be on the August 2, 2022 State Primary Election ballot. Visit www.romi.gov/163/Elections-Voting for information on registering to vote, upcoming elections and more.

Headlee Amendment and Proposal A

To learn more about the Headlee Amendment and Proposal A, please visit these links from Michigan State University.

Millage Estimator

If you need assistance using this tool, please call (248) 246-3201.