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Royal Oak Nature Society’s President’s Report: The Future of our Nature Society

Hour Exchange Time Bank is a "pay-it-forward" system where a community of people support one another by exchanging services with other members.

Royal Oak Historical Society PAMPHLET 

NAMI Announcement: Vehicle donations to support NAMI MetroThe NAMI Metro Beaumont Royal Oak Family Support Group Meetings held 3rd Tuesday of every month  www.romi.gov/DocumentCenter/View/24192/NAMI-Support-Group-Monthly-Meetings 

NAMI Brochure on Addiction   https://www.romi.gov/DocumentCenter/View/24389/NAMI-Brochure-on--Addiction-2019

NAM2020 Brochure    https://www.romi.gov/DocumentCenter/View/25795/NAMI-Brochure-Spring-2020

Royal Oak Lions Club pamphlet:   https://www.romi.gov/DocumentCenter/View/26066/RO-Lions-Pamphlet

NAMI Detroit Connection Peer Support Group   See flyer for more information:  https://www.romi.gov/DocumentCenter/View/26635/NAMI-Detroit-Connections-Mgtn

NAMI Detroit Family Recovery Support Group     See flyer for more information: https://www.romi.gov/DocumentCenter/View/26636/NAMI-Detroit-Recovery-Support-Group