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It Just Got  Easier to Track Your Miles and Earn Rewards!

Thanks to our friends at Royal Oak-based Marvel Apps, tracking your miles in the Mayor's 50 Miles in 50 Days Walking Challenge is easy when you use the free CARROT Wellness mobile app.

CARROT Wellness is a mobile health and wellness program that allows smartphone users to count their steps. Every 2000 steps equals one mile.

CARROT users earn one coin for each step they take. Walk 100,000 steps - or 50 miles - and you'll be eligible for a water bottle. (We'll be adding other awards during the challenge, too!)

Not sure where to walk? The user friendly app also has links to self-guided one-mile walking adventures. Get out and explore art, history, nature and Royal Oak's network of 50 parks. 
The Mayor's 50 Miles in 50 Days Walking Challenge begins on April 15. Participants have until June 3 to walk 50 Miles to complete the challenge. Learn more about the challenge.

Here's How It Works

Download the app searching for CARROT Wellness from either the Apple (iPhone) or Google Play (Android) Store.

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 Be sure to allow the app to count your steps and allow ‘Location Services.'

Create an account using either your email address, phone number or Facebook account.

Once you've created an account, swipe left until you see the screen to sign up for the 50 Mile Challenge.
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Scroll down until you see 'SIGN UP HERE' and click on it.
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You'll be asked for information to join the challenge.
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Once you've completed the enrollment process, start walking! You'll earn one coin for every step you take. (You must have your phone with you so it can count your steps.)

Every 2000 steps equals on mile. Earn 100,000 coins and you have walked 50 miles and are eligible for a water bottle.

We'll be adding other perks along the way, too.

If you want, join the leaderboard, too, so we can see who's walking the most.

Get fit, Have fun. EXPLORE!
50 Miles in 50 Days
Water Bottle Gift
Walk 50 miles in 50 days and earn a FREE water bottle.

Community Walks

Don't forget to join the mayor and city commission for two community walks. Community walks are your opportunity to get outdoors and walk and talk with your elected officials. 

  • The community walks will take place on May 11 and June 1.
  • Walks begin at 6 p.m.
  • Community walk participants will receive a complimentary Royal Oak reflector ID tag courtesy of Ultimate Fun Runs and the Royal Oak Community Coalition. (See right.) We'll also be raffling off Royal Oak T-Shirts and book bags!
  • More details coming soon!